Hi, We Are Go Ahead

The main purposes of Go Ahead Organization is to contribute to the Royal Government of Cambodia in the development of Cambodia in accordance with the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. We are working in Kampong Thom and Kampong Leng with focus on:

Kampong Thom

iHerb Open Space School

Student Scholarship Program

Base PreSchool Program

Direct Assistant Program

Rural Area Community Development

Kampong Leng

English Education Program

Student Scholarship Program

Direct Assistant Program

Vocational Tranning Program

Rural Area Community

Indirect University Scholarship

High School Transportation

iHerb Open Space School in Cambodia

Over 400 students attended “Fair Games” which conducted by Taiwan YMCA Volunteers team. The game was to make students more challenging. There were 24 games and an activity which the students needed to finish each of them. The last activity, each students had to collect the rubbish in order to exchange the prize.
#Go_Ahead_Organization Operating venue: Thnaut village, Triel Commune, Tangkork District and Kampong Thom.

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